How to buy

The first thing to mention is how a stick is made.
   Almost all of the Walking Sticks, Staffs and Canes
   are made  of wood which is selected, skulpted, shaved, sanded, carved ,and a top and protective base  are
   attached. All oF the above requires a variety of tools,
   paints/colors , hardware , labor, hard work and
   LUCK.  Add to all of that, I am absorbing any taxes
   and the shipping. All of the individual prices are
   NOT Negotiable.

All of that being said, there is a Paypal link next to the pricing on each item.  Clicking that link will take you to paypal to complete your purchase.  You will be able to enter your shipping address there.

Please note that some items in the Miscellaneous category do not include shipping in the price. This is because we are not paying shipping on furniture or over-large items. Please contact the seller to arrange shipping or pickup.

Thank you for shopping at Erincraft!